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Media with a Mission: Why watch the news when you can be the news? 

Worldyouth Media is a youth media and media training network. The idea is to encourage multi-media journalism skills to increase communications, awareness, and cultural expression among DC youth organizations and build relationships with best practices youth media programs around the block and around the world.  

We empower DC youth by giving them the tools to have a voice in the media and in society.  

Young people are sources of information and news. Living in the nation's capital, their voices should be heard in their communities, on Capitol Hill, and around the world.  

Worldyouth Media aims to inspire and educate young people in the city to express themselves, become communicators, and change their realities.  

Worldyouth Media connects teens with media mentors. Skills and training include radio, public relations, live and studio sound training, journalism, video, photography and internet publishing skills.

In January of 2005, YLSN initiated a "DC Youth Media Collaborative" project, bringing together over 17 youth groups at the first meeting and growing over the next several months. The idea was to share resources, mentors and media that DC youth groups create. The next step was to facilitate trainings, communications between mentors and opportunities in colleges and the media profession. Two things became quickly apparent: the idea was a very good one and that someone had to dedicate ongoing staff resources to realizing the potential. YLSN remains commited to this project but it is dependent on funding.

Our images and ideas have been featured in the Washington Post, the New York Times, USA Today, MTV, Nickolodian News, Searchlight Magazine, DC Free Press and DC Independent Media Center, Wiretap, Southern Poverty Law Center, most local TV news programs, WPFW FM, Free Speech Radio, Guerilla News, and our partner website, TakingItGlobal, which reaches over 7000 youth and mentors in 200 countries. We coordinated the DC teen media briefing at the Million Mom March in 1999, with youth from Wilson High School and Covenant House giving statements and dozens of interviews throughout the day. We have exchanged email dialogues and/or personal exchanges with youth activists in over 40 countries around the world. Our listservs reach hundreds of local youth activists and out-of-town friends, creating an information flow that reaches around the block and around the world.


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