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SHINE: Stop Hate, Inspire Neighborly Engagement provides education, a news service and workshops to build unity and oppose white supremacist organizing, recruitment, music industry and youth recruitment in the region.

Launching “Stop Hate, Inspire Neighborly Engagement” (SHINE) to promote and support positive youth organizations and initiatives and oppose white power hate groups’ violence and targeting of area teens for recruitment. We came up with the idea because there are so many positive youth programs needing community support and visibility. At the same time neo-Nazi groups are increasing organizing in the area by leafleting neighborhoods and holding increasingly larger demonstrations and concerts.

White power hate groups since September 11 increased their organizing in the greater Washington area; at the same time, hate crimes in Fairfax County, for example, went up four fold. We are encouraging a community response saying no to intolerance, racism, and hate groups but at the same time promoting positive examples of community-building.

From 2001 – 2002, neo-nazi groups held a series of six demonstrations in Washington DC. In August of 2002, YLSN released a report of hate crimes and bias incidents in the Greater Washington area.

To view this report: Hate Incidents in the DC Metro Area and Elsewhere

2005 Wake Up Call WBAI NYC Radio Segment on Racial Profiling and Domestic Terrorism listen

SHINE’s purpose is promoting racial, ethnic, and religious understanding and opposing hate groups through education and visibility efforts. SHINE promotes inter-cultural understanding by increasing communications and visibility of positive youth contributions to living in a diverse society.

We promote diversity and racism trainings to youth organizations, schools, and youth groups to educate young people about tolerance and opposing neo-Nazi recruitment drives and presence in the area. These trainings will be prioritized to areas where hate group activity is reported. Young people are involved in trainings, research, network-building, experiential learning, learning by doing – education through action.

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