Gulf Coast/New Orleans Links

Tune into New Orleans Live! Community Radio at it’s best


New Orleans IndyMedia

17 Poets

Jose Torres Tama and ArteFuturo Productions     

Bernard Pearce, One Man Machine

People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond

The Southern Institute for Education and Research, Lance Hill Director.

Backstreet Cultural Museum

Ashe Cultural Arts Center
Ashe Cultural Center current projects:

New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund

Teach New Orleans

Gulf Coast Civic Works Projects invites you to host a Post-Katrina College Summit at your institution for the week of April 9-14.
Common Ground Collective

Youth Radio Program
NOVAC accomplishes this mission through school and community educational programming in video production and multimedia techniques, the acclaimed Teen Video Workshop, the fifteen-year-old Louisiana Video Shorts Festival, and affiliated special programs with arts organizations throughout the state and the U.S.
The project runs between five and seven groups at a time with youth ranging in age from six to eighteen, using . darkrooms at the University of New Orleans and Xavier University.  

Institute for Women and Ethnic Studies
Small New Orleans based advocacy organization dedicated to improving the sexual and reproductive health outcomes among women and youth of color through education, training, and advocacy

Gulf Coast Resources

Federation of Southern Coops, supporting minority and small farmers

Rural Coalition/Coalicion Rural
Four Directions Solidarity Network, supporting Southern LA Indigenous peoples

United Houma Nation

Families and Friends of Louisiana's Incarcerated Children
An excellent, vital, grassroots, people-of-color-led organization with an important mission. They have been working in the shelters since the first week after hurricane Katrina, and have also been active in a vision of reconstruction.

Mississippi Workers Center
Direct relief through a grassroots, people-of-color-led, organization with a long history of important struggle.

Katrina Information Network

National Association for Katrina Evacuees

 Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana
Excellent group of lawyers and community organizers dedicated to “transforming Louisiana’s Juvenile Justice System.”

People’s Hurricane Relief Fund and Oversight Coalition

People's Organizing Committee