District Circus Marching Band


To hear clips of our music, go back to the main page. Pretty much everything you could want is there. But since you're here....thanks for being here!

If you would like invite/book the group, share sheet music, join the band/encourage someone else to jump in, stay in touch and show up every once in awhile as a performer or a fan....AWESOME!!!

Please say hello info@worldyouth.org




This new activist marching band formed in January, 2008. All levels and ages of players are welcome to join us for neighbhorhood strollabouts, peace and justice demonstrations, and very special events. info@worldyouth.org for more information

Cosmic Dancers and the Raucus Caucus

Cosmic Dancers of any style and experience are always welcome to join along with the fun. Puppeteers, stiltwalkers and other street-theater types form the Raucus Caucus Brigade.

The District Circus

Yup, residents of the Capitol City of the USA have taxation without representation.