Paul Robeson – Perspectives of His Life And Legacy


Event:            Paul Robeson – A Centennial Worth of His Life And Legacy

Location:        Dewberry North (including the Lobby Area in front of the Gold Room)

Dates:            April 19th, 2007

Time:             6:00pm-11pm

Purpose:        The Youth Leadership Support Network is enthusiastically celebrating the life and legacy of Paul Robeson through a number of creative and artistic expressions. With an elaborate exhibit of art symbolizing the events of Robeson’s time, music and guest speakers. We’re confidently sure and certain that the audience will be enticed, enthused and inspired. Through reflection and recollection of merely a centennial of suppression, those in attendance will know that such injustice and repression contributed to the change our nation has undergone and has further influenced the United States we know and have today.