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Musical Parade!  Takoma Park/DC/Silver Spring

‘Step It Up’ on Climate Change

On Step It Up Day, Saturday, April 14, hundreds of thousands of Americans will gather all across the country to call for immediate action on climate change. Over 1,000 local actions are already being planned! (You can read more about this at StepItUp07.org).

Here in Takoma Park, DC and Silver Spring, a special Step It Up event and parade on Saturday, April 14 will highlight actions local residents can take right now to do our part in fighting global warming, as well as showcasing examples of more ecological living in our community along the parade route. 

“This is a positive event for the whole family to come out, meet some neighbors and learn new things about what we can do locally,” said Linda Schade a resident of Takoma Park who is helping to organize the parade. 

Step It Up – Takoma Park/Silver Spring will begin at 10am at the Silver Spring 'green', the astro-turf area at the corner of Ellsworth and Fenton Sts in downtown Silver Spring. The opening program will feature the voices of children in our community who are working on environmental issues, as well as live music and arts activities for the whole family. 

The parade, to be led by Takoma Park’s own Rhythm Workers’ Union and local puppeteers, will leave the Silver Spring green at approximately 11am, and proceed through local neighborhoods in East Silver Spring, DC’s Shepard Park neighborhood and end at the Gazebo in Old Town Takoma. Along the way the parade will stop at the following locations for short presentations on some of the ecological, climate change-fighting models in our own community.

 “Please join us for part or all, and bring the family! Musical instruments will be passed out during the parade!” said Doug Calvin of the Youth Leadership Support Network. 

“Climate change is an issue that may push us to make the changes we’ve always wanted anyway, like making music with our neighbors and growing food together,” said Marcus Sims, parade organizer from Silver Spring.

For more information call 202-316-4403 or email Marcus at m3four@aol.com.